Best Witch Subscription Boxes of 2021

I have reviewed the best witch subscription boxes available. These witchy boxes will help your witchcraft and spirituality. Many feature ritual practices, crystals, spell casting, tarot, astrology, aromatherapy, herbology, candle Magik, divination, magic lore, witchy books.

Witch boxes are a great way to collect spiritual tools and try out new products for witches of all levels. Give yourself a regular blessed gift without having to leave your house!

I love the surprises these witchy boxes bring, and I feel as though items have more power if they come into your life rather than you actively seeking them out. 

I update this list often, adding any interesting witch subscription box I find. Which witchcraft box is best? Well that somewhat depends on you… I am only looking at worthy witch subscription boxes, this list thus will mostly be positive reviews. The boxes here are in no particular order.

My star ratings take into consideration cost versus quality, value basically, but please keep in mind that any witch subscription box that I list here is good, and may be what you are looking for. I hope that you find something that will enhance your life here…


I am Amethyst and being a green witch is part of my life style. This is my website, I hope to help you manifest a beautiful life. Blessed be.

Table of Contents

Here is the list of all the witch subscription boxes I have looked at on this site. Either click on those that interest you, or scroll down to see them all.

Witchy One by Una Spirit

Intentional Jewelry For Magical Women

“A unique jewelry subscription centered around magical, intentional jewelry. Jewelry pieces can include crystals, symbols, mythology, animal totems & more . Box includes 2 jewelry pieces, 1-2 crystals AND a lifestyle item such as books, body care, art & more. An info card sharing intention, properties & tales regarding the jewelry items included.”

My Review of This Box
This one is mainly an intentional jewelry subscription box, but they also send crystals or other items. One of the boxes I received contained an enchanting Celtic necklace, bracelet, a couple of stones and an awesome witchy Book. There is an explanation card for the contents too. The over all quality is excellent, and it is well packed. This witch subscription box is filled to the brim with things that make me feel special and loved. Very cute stuff that is well worth the modest price, the products have value much higher then the cost of the subscription.

Magickal Folk

Summer Series of Witchcraft and Magick

“Join us as we wield the powers of ancient celestial knowledge and seek to illuminate the world from within. We are here to offer a source of support, empower growth, inspire through ritual and expand consciousness within our community.”

There are many different options depending on your budget with this witch box. An example of one kit I received contained a pendulum and a pouch of herbs labeled Witches Sight. According to the information sheet, which has a pendulum layout on the back, there are a number of ways to cleanse, protect, and use the pendulum. The herbs in Witches Sight include sandalwood, lilac leaves, lemongrass, mugwort, eyebright, honeysuckle, and lobelia, which are included to raise energy and heighten psychic ability. The pendulum included was light and made of Tiger’s Eye which has powerful protective energy. The ritual tea kit is recommended, it always has amazing tea and a lovely ritual. I loved how everything was on the same theme and clearly written how it all can be used. Very authentic for the nuanced witch. They send their boxes and packages discreetly without any printed logo. Wonderful stuff to enhance your spiritual journey. This witchy box is adequate value, but if it were better value I would have given it a full five stars.

Tamed Wild Box

Receive earth magic & intention setting rituals to grow your practice, craft and spiritual path.

“Monthly delivery of magic & earth medicine. Each month includes items for the earth spirited and the lovers of all things mystical and natural. Deliveries can include crystals, herbs & teas, ritual tools, altar items, jewelry, essential oils & other lifestyle pieces. Intention setting lunar ritual available for each month!”

My Review of This Box
I love getting this witch box because they often match the time of year. For example, one box focused on setting final intentions for the summer. What you want to get consumed with before autumn, if you will. In this case, the ritual revolves around making a “sun catcher”- shells, wreath, ribbon and prism included. After experiencing the rituals from boxes, I felt compelled to say that this subscription really is worth every cent. The box comes with clear instructions on how to carry out the ritual and an explanation for each item. Every item rings true and authentic.

Bespell & Co

Magical Self Care Kit

“Let us help you experience calm & clarity every month with 3 enchanted gifts! Carry your magick with you everywhere you go with a Reiki charged crystal, a Bespelled self-care item, and a piece of jewelry or similar. Your box is designed to open the conduit of FULL POSSIBILITY so you can clear any space and hold your vibe wherever you go!”

My Review of This Box
I received my first box quite quickly. The sage smells fresh and lovely. The essential oil smells amazing. I have another crystal to add to my collection, high quality quartz. Actually pretty excited to receive my next box. Bargain price when you consider they offer free shipping.

Box of Shadows

Welcome to Box of Shadows; a “Wicca-inspired”, subscription for eclectic souls!

“Welcome to Box of Shadows; a “Wicca-inspired”, subscription for eclectic souls! We deliver curated boxes of worship supplies, altar decor, craft tools, jewelry, and pagan related gifts fit for any eclectic path. Circle Members also receive carefully researched resources and guidance to help facilitate a personalized practice.”

My Review of This Box
This witch subscription box is one of the most popular out there. This lovely witchy box has been around for years. This box allows me to feel connected to my witchcraft practice, and the wheel of the year with very little effort. It provides information, items, and ideas curated for the season so that I can practice and still feel connected spiritually. One of the things I received in a recent box was a goddess pendant on quartz point and it’s beautiful. Though it is not the best value, as I do think it might be a touch over-priced for what you receive, I do recommend this box for witches of all levels.

Nine of Earth

A box for Tarot lovers, featuring full size decks, unique jewelry and more.

“Every 2 months you will receive 6+ items including a Tarot/Oracle related item, at least one piece of unique jewelry, & other fun lifestyle items that fit the theme of the month. Typical items you may receive include a t-shirt, crystals, decor, candles, books, pagan supplies, etc. Boxes ship in Dec, Feb, April, June, August, and October.”

My Review of This Box
This box is for tarot lover. They send unique items, such as rings, bracelets and more, in addition to a new tarot deck every other month. I love the incense from one box I received. The jewelry can be cute, but it can be hit and miss. The standout item from this box of course is the tarot deck, really beautiful.

Crystals for the Soul

Monthly Personalized Healing Crystals Subscription

“The perfect option for anyone who loves to experience the healing abilities of crystals. Whether you are just starting out on your crystal journey or have been using crystals your entire life, this box is for you! We include beautiful, reiki-cleansed and charged crystals and very special goodies in your box each month.”

My Review of This Box

This is a new witch subscription box that is concentrates on crystals, although it does sometimes include something else such as the odd bundle of sage. As it is a newer box I have not personally received this box, but I love expanding my crystal collection as many of us do. The power of crystals is something I hold dear. They are like my children! I have not been able to give it a review rating, since I have not tried this box, however I thought it was worth mentioning as I have heard positive comments about it, and it looks good!

Awakening in a Box

Bringing crystals and tools of enlightenment right to your doorstep.

“Awakening in a Box wants to join you on your journey of awakening through crystal energy. Let us bring you healing and positive energy every month with crystals picked intuitively just for you and products designed to aid you on your path toward enlightenment. Our goal is to support you as you strengthen your connection with the universe.”

My Review of This Box
This is a good box if you want to expand your crystal collection. They also send an additional two products to enhance your spiritual practice. I love the stones I received and the meanings spoke to me. The crystals are often unusual ones, many I have never heard of, which is great. Little cards come with each stone. I wish it came with more in each box, but it is a fun little witchy box, and one of the the cheaper options.

Magickal Earth

Crystals,Tarot and Astrology: What does next month hold in store for you!

“Each month your box will be curated to offer provisions to match the months energy. The Basic comes in a package and includes monthly amazing crystals. The Essential box includes crystals, a monthly astrological overview, and a tarot card drawn just for you. The Premium box offers crystals, astrology, tarot, and many magickal items.”

My Review of This Box
This witchy box focuses on crystal energy and astrology every month. The crystals are mindfully chosen, beautifully packaged, and they arrive with beautiful description cards. Examples of the crystals received one month are Desert Rose, Lepidolite, and Yellow Fluorite, not your more common crystals which is refreshing. This witch box comes with a full astrological report correlating to the month and a tarot card especially drawn for you. This makes this box not only personable, but something that gives you guidance. If you are interested in astrology, tarot and crystals this is a great box.

Psychic Envy – Tarot Reading Subscription Box

Your personal tarot readings by top psychics + tools to manifest your desires.

“Your monthly box includes a printed, personal tarot reading done by our top psychics that answers your pressing questions about love, relationships, career & more. Your psychic then handpicks 1-2 items to inspire you + 1 gift (crystal, bracelet or necklace) to help you manifest your best life! Retail value $450+/box.”

My Review of This Box
This a lovely box for those interested in a personal tarot reading experience. Other than your personal tarot reading, which is of course the highlight of the box, it includes little gifts such as a stone selected for you, and an essential oil diffuser necklace. The box is beautifully curated and packaged. It is cheaper than having your tarot read in person, I would suggest if tarot readings are special to you, this might be the box for you.

Spiral Rain

Work with the moon cycles, find the magic within & manifest your dreams through intention & rituals

“Spiral Rain is for lovers of magical, mystical, spiritual and witchy things. Open to receive a mix of items curated with the highest quality materials and always include a splash of magic, to make you feel extra special! We donate 1$ to Sustaining Hope Intl., for every box sold, to help provide clean water to people in need.”

My Review of This Box
This is such a beautiful little witchy box, I love the theme of the whole thing. It is a Canadian witch subscription box, but do not worry, they ship worldwide! Each box is great value, as it packs a lot of items for the price. The candles smell great, not overpowering, just a nice natural scent and there is always at least one crystal in them. The incense burns nicely and smells divine, they also add a crystal in them to raise the energy and intention. The oil blends smell amazing as well. You can feel the love and energy in each item. There is an envelope of how to do, spells, and incantations which was a lovely addition. This is one of the best witch subscription boxes around.

Le Noir Bazaar – The Dark Market

A monthly lifestyle box filled with Gothic Bohemian & Witchy goodies!

“Our monthly Witchy lifestyle mystery box includes a hand-picked selection of at least five Witchy & Gothic Bohemian jewelry, accessories, bath products & more delivered to your doorstep!”

My Review of This Box
This is one for the gothy witches. Each box usually revolves around jewelry, accessories and other lifestyle items loosely connected by a theme or season. Eclectic but all to the same theme. The quality is top notch and they include handmade high quality items. The value of this box, in my opinion, is triple what you pay. If you like a darker, gothic witchy style, this box is definitely for you.

There are more witch subscription boxes to come lovely people, but don’t worry I am working on it. Blessed be 🙂

Have you tried one of these boxes? Or would you like to recommend a box for review? Please comment with the default comments or facebook comments below:

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Some great witch boxes here Amethyst! Thanks for taking the time to have a look at the best ones. Makes it easy for me. I ordered the Witchy One box, cannot wait to get it!

I saw the Le Noir Bazaar box here and I just had to get it, it entirely suits my gothic bohemian nature! Thanks Amethyst so much for opening this up to me. I recently received my first Le Noir Bazaar subscription box, and I am so pleased, Everything about this box was wonderful and beautiful. So happy!

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